This week we learned about Fairtrade.  We looked at Anna’s shop and learned about a different type of product she sells….Fairtrade products. We learned that Fairtrade ensures workers in the developing world receive a fair price for the work they do! Fairtrade enables them to work in safe  environments and allows them to make plans […]

Days and Months

This week in my room we’ve been looking at days of the week and months of the year. We had some great fun putting the days in order and talking about all of the different activities we do on different days. We learned the name of the days we spend in school and the days […]

First Class and Second Class School Tour

We are delighted to announce that First and Second Classes will be going on their school tour to the Let’s Go Camp in Kilcullen on Wednesday 20th June. Let’s Go will provide the children with an opportunity to take part in lots of new and exciting activities so we are looking forward to a fun-filled […]

Going shopping?

Need some help with the shopping?  Senior Infants can help! This week in Gaeilge we were at the shops and we bought lots of things and put them in our bag, eg. “Chuaigh mé go dtí an siopa agus cheannaigh mé arán, im, bainne, cairéad, tae, seacláid…” In Maths we have been learning all about money, […]

B.T.S (Born to Sing) Superstars.

Hello everyone, on the 26/04/12 we recorded our cd. It is called B.T.S. (Born to sing) Superstars, the name was picked by one of the students in 5th class. All of the classes came to 5th class to record their songs. The songs are Summer Time, Colours, Ugly Alien, Every day, Angles, We are the […]


Firstly, congratulations to 3rd class for filling their jar full of marbles over the last few weeks. All you super hard work has paid off. The final reward was a party and we had a great party last week to celebrate. Secondly,  a huge THANK YOU to all the thoughtful parents who baked and brought […]

4Kids2Live charity visit the Student Council

A huge thank you to Georgia and Conor from the Kids2live charity who paid a visit to our school today to chat with the Student Council. They told us all about the charity which they and others have set up in Kenya to help orphans. 4 Kids 2 Live is a not for profit charity […]

Day and Night

This week in Art we made pyramids as we have been learning about Egyptians. We had to fold the paper a special way to make the shape and then we put sand on them to give them a rough texture. We also learned about day and night. We learned that it is daytime when we […]

The sun has got its spots on – will this bring a bright outlook?

A Nasa image of sunspots and solar flare An astrophysicist at Queen’s University Belfast has been reading the pattern of sunspots and solar cycles, writesGERRY MORIARTY, Northern Editor WE COULD be in for some improved winter weather over the coming years, according to Dr Ryan Milligan. He’s a 36-year-old Queen’s University astrophysicist who was formerly based […]

We Are Because we Share!

There are more than 14,000 species of ants and they count for up to 15% of the weight of all terrestrial animal biomass. The ecological success of ants is only possible because they are able to adapt to and exploit their environment. Researchers at the Université Libre de Bruxelles are unlocking the secret lives of […]

Siobhán’s Room

We’ve been very busy in Siobhán’s room this week. Some boys and girls from Junior infants have been showing me what super writing they can do. We revised the formation of some tricky letters like ‘g’ and ‘q’ and then we wrote words that contain these tricky letters. Once we remembered that to form these […]

Junior Infants are gone quackers!!!!

Look at the ducks we made during Art Time today!

5k Walk

5th and 6th Class have postponed their 5k fundraising walk until Tuesday 1st of May due to weather conditions. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has helped us to fundraise for our trip to the Gaeltacht. We will update you on how our walk went on Tuesday, Have a lovely […]

Sun, Moon and Stars Facts from Junior Infants!

Hi everyone!! Wow!! What a busy week we’ve had in Junior Infants!! In Geography we learned some very interesting facts! Did you know that…… The sun is the biggest star in our Solar System! It is the only star that we can see in the sky during the day! It is 100 times bigger than […]

Electrical Energy in 4th Class

This week we are all about electricity with David and Bobby. To make a circuit you need 4 things. 1. A battery (power source) 2. Component (light bulb/motor/buzzer) 3. Wires (to connect everything) 4. You must make sure that everything is connected to make a complete circuit allowing the electrical energy to flow around without […]