After School Activities

After School Activity Dates Term Two 2012 Basketball with Eibhlín      Monday 2.10 – 3.10 February 6, February 20, February 27, March 5, March 12, March 26 Sport with Síobhan      Monday 2.10 – 3.10 February 6, February 20, February 27, March 5, March 12, March 26   Gaelic with Bobby     Tuesday  2.10 – 3.10 […]

Orthoscopics talk

Free Talk on ORTHOSCOPICS In Newbridge Library Tuesday 7th February 2012 If your child is under achieving it may be due to perceptual problems which are caused by malfunctions in the eye/brain communication chain. Orthoscopics is an optical system that eliminates distortion and spherical aberration.  It is estimated that 10% of all children/adults may suffer […]

5th Class Assembly- Anti bullying Week

This is the video of our fifth class assembly. Enjoy watching.   NETNS 5th Class Assembly from David Froggatt on Vimeo.

Poets in First Class

First Class reading groups worked together to write poems this week. We really enjoyed being poets and we loved coming up with rhymes. Here are our poems: Once upon a time I caught a little rhyme I set it free but it went for tea I chased it round and round but it tunnelled into the ground I scooped […]

Fabric from India

Third class had so much fun looking at the fabrics I brought back from India. I showed them the 5 metres of beautiful silk worn as a Sari by Indian women. The children made out a list of things they would like to research next week; Religions in India Food eaten in India History of […]

Wind, rain….we can explain!

Senior Infants have used so many scientific skills this week!  We knew all about wind direction from our work last week, so this week we used an instrument called an anemometer to measure the wind speed.  We measured the wind speed on Wednesday and discovered there was a “near gale” blowing.  We know this because […]

Lego man goes into Space!

On duty today it was fantastic to see so many children playing with Lego. I mentioned to some of the children that two Canadian boys had recently sent a Lego man all the way into space by strapping him to a weather balloon.  They didn’t really look like they believed me… Well, here is the […]

All about Animals!

This week in Michael’s class, we learned a lot about different kinds of animals, where they live and how we can help look after them. We read a story called Farmyard Hullabaloo and we enjoyed the rhymes and poems about the different animals. We can make our own rhyming words! We learned a poem as […]

Play our weather quiz!

This week we finished our work looking at weather, we had lots of fun completing our weather forecasts. Some of us also used instruments to make our very own weather listening quizzes to test each other with! Can you tell what each of the different weather sounds are?   Hint:  You should be able to […]

Reminder: Early finishes next week

School will finish at 1.55pm on Tuesday and Wednesday (31st January & 1st February) next week to facilitate some of the progress meetings which are taking place. Infant classes will finish at the normal time of 1.10pm. The After School Facility will operate until 1.55pm and school buses will depart at 1.55pm.

Is Taephota Mise!

In Gaeilge this week we’ve been learning all about food! Some of the things we were looking at were arán, im, calóga, ubh, úll, banana, ispíní, cáis, sú oráiste, cáca, bainne agus iasc! We also learnt a song “Is Taephota Mise!”. Here are the words to the song! “Is taephota mise, ramhar is beag, Seo é mo […]

Show me the money!

This week second class have been working extremely hard learning about money! We particularly loved the dice game! Here’s how you can play it! You can have two or more players. What you need: some coins a dice The object of the game is to get a €1 coin. Each player takes a go at rolling […]

Assembly- Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Anti- Bullying)

Well done to all of fifth class who put on a fantastic assembly this week for all the school. They worked really hard to learn all their lines and put on a fabulous production. Also they gave us some very important messages about bullying, the most important being- TELL AN ADULT. On Monday we are […]

Weather Forecasters

This week in my classroom children have been doing lots of exciting things to do with the weather. We continued to look at the different types of weather that we have here in Ireland, Asuha and Malak had great fun looking at all the different types of weather, as well as doing some super descriptive […]

News from Junior Infants!!!

What an eventful week in Junior Infants! In Jolly Phonics we discovered the sounds “oa” and “ie”. We are very good at spotting them in words now! Little Miss Muffet and Jack and Jill came to visit our classrooms this week! We had a great time sequencing their stories and putting actions to the rhymes. […]