Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

Can you believe it…..it’s the 22nd of December already!? What an amazing first term we’ve had. We welcomed over 60 new children, 5 new staff members and nearly a hundred new parents to our school. We said goodbye to a terrific BoM and hello to an optimistic new BoM. The PA and Fundraising Committee have […]

Happy Holidays

Another great week in 6th Class. We completed all of our decorations for the Christmas Fair, we had an energy workshop and we completed Winter scenes in art using Oil pastels and chalk. Please take a look at our energy workshop pictures in our last post. We are all very excited to be on our […]

Craft Fair Sneak Peek!!!!!

Here is a little preview of all the fabulous crafts the children have made. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!  

NETNS Raffle on Thursday 22nd December

The NETNS Raffle will take place in the school foyer at 10.20am on Thursday 22nd December. All are welcome to come and enjoy the raffle and some festive refreshments. The NETNS Craft Fair will take place before the raffle; parents, guardians and friends of NETNS are welcome to come and visit.  Included below is the […]

Energy Workshop in 6th

Today in 6th class we had a energy workshop – We learnt all about how energy can be and should be conserved. We used a bike to create energy to blend orange juice, bananas and peaches together to form a delicious smoothie! Then we all got to drink it! The pictures show you how we […]

North and South poles…

This week in Maths, 7 was our magic number and we used our great problem solving skills to find lots of different ways to make the number seven.   In Science we learned all about magnets – it was great fun.  We are getting so good at working as scientists that before we started, we predicted what we thought […]

Guess who!

This week has been our last week at looking at ‘People who help us’. Children helped to finish their work for displays inside and outside my classroom.  They look lovely and the children worked very hard to make them. We played a wonderful game where children did an impression of someone who helped us and we had […]

Christmas Carol Service

Carol Service Thank you to the many parents, grand-parents, guardians, teachers and friends who attended the Carol Service on Wednesday night. It was a really lovely evening with wonderful performances by the children who looked terrific in their hats and scarves and Nativity costumes. A big thank you must go to the teachers who worked […]

Senior Infants

This week we have learned all about the number seven and the different numbers we can use to make up seven. We examined our room to find what things in it used electricity. We learned that a lot of things in our houses and school wouldn’t work without electricity.  In art we made a Santa […]

Styles for dealing with difference

This week Sadhbh’s Mum came in to have fun with 5th Class and talk about different styles for dealing with differences. She gave us a questionnaire to see what type of animal we were. Some people were sharks and that can mean that they can be bossy, some people were teddy bears and they don’t […]

Creative Junior Infants

Junior Infants were busy today cutting, pasting and writing during Art Time! We made beautiful new Christmas Cards using old Christmas Cards. We cut out pictures from the old cards and used them to decorate the front of our Christmas Cards. Then we practised our handwriting and wrote “Happy Christmas” on the inside. Everyone tried […]

NETNS Calendars… last few left!!

There are still some NETNS Calendars available to purchase; it is not too late if you wish to purchase one. Calendars cost €10 for one, €18 for two or three calendars for €25. Please send in exact amount in a sealed envelope with your name and child’s class included to order one before the holidays!

Puppets in First Class

This week in Art we made puppets out of old socks. We used pieces of fabric and wool to make faces and clothes for our puppets. Here are the pictures of some of our finished puppets.    

Hey now!!!

HEY NOW!!! This week in fourth class we learned the song “All Star” from the movie Shrek. It’s a really catchy song and we loved singing it. We learned the words first and then Bobby and some of the students in the class brought in their guitars and played along while everyone was singing. It […]


A child’s  purse with 2 necklaces and a bracelet were left in The Curragh church last night. They are now in the office ready for collection!