Fancy Dress Disco

Googly-eyed spiders in our classroom!

We had so much fun at the Fancy Dress Disco and our bunting looked super on the wall with all the other wonderful decorations.  Karen had a hard time at the start of the day trying to recognise the children in her class; there were witches and vampires, princesses and doctors – everyone looked amazing.  […]

Disco Fun

3rd Class all dressed up for the disco!

Disco Decorations

Over the last week the children were super excited about the disco on Friday. The student council asked each class to either make decorations at home or in class. I then thought it would be a great idea to make some decorations as part of  our art class this week. So we decided we would […]

Electro Magnetic Show

On the 27th of October 4th, 5th and 6th went to see the Electro Magnetic Show in the Moat Theatre. It was a show presented by Scientific Sue. It was about electric and magnetic forces. Sometimes Scientific Sue called volunteers down to the stage. They did loads of cool stuff like The Tug of Love. […]

Going to the supermarket!

Junior and Senior infants had a surprise this week when they came to my room to find it had become a supermarket!  Ethan, Iman and Damia had great fun trying to find the things on their shopping list and paying for them at the till! Afraaz and Daniel from Senior Infants did amazingly well and […]

Spooky fun in Michael’s class

What a fantastic week we’ve had in Michael’s class. We made spooky ghosts with our handprints to decorate the Halla and learned about games and other things that happen at Halloween. We tasted BairÍn breac and someone in our class was very lucky and got the ring in their piece. On Friday we all looked […]

Potions and Slime!!

Potions were bubbling this week in First Class as we continued to explore mixing in Science. In pairs we created our own potions with vinegar, bread soda, a pinch of glitter and a drop of food colouring. We were amazed with the results; the mixtures bubbled and foam up, up and out of the pots! Afterwards […]

Dress up day in Junior Infants!

Dress up day was a huge success in Junior Infants……we had Princesses, Witches, Ben 10, Spiderman and Batman among others! We had great fun at the disco and everyone was so tired after the dancing!   Check out our pictures!!  

What a week!

What an eventful week in Sixth Class! We have been working hard all week to preform our drama’s, we worked in groups to write up a script, we then gathered props and then today, Friday, we acted them out! It was such fun, we even had some children from fifth class in to watch them. Also this week […]

Dress up day in Orla’s Class

Junior Infants looked very different when they came to school today!! They made a huge effort at dressing up for our Fancy Dress Disco! We had princesses, Spidermen, witches, skeletons and lots of other people in our classroom today. Well done boys and girls!!! Can you figure out who everyone is??

Learning through play – Workshop for Parents/Guardians

Learning through play – Workshop for Parents/Guardians Audience: Parents/Guardians of children in junior and senior infant classes in primary schools. Ever wondered why children spend so much time playing? or what the value of play both at home and in school, might be? This workshop looks at how play can help young children to learn […]

R.E. Workbooks

If you haven’t already sent in the €5 fee for your child’s R.E. workbook, we would really appreciate if you could send it in with your child for tomorrow’s class please. Many thanks for your continued co-operation, Orla, Siobhán, Therese, Sacra & Katie.

Patron Nominee to the BoM

Anybody who wishes to seek the Patron nomination for the new board of Management should forward the following nomination form electronically to as soon as possible Nomination Form Instructions Patron Rep Role Description

3rd Class Writers

The children in third class have been given a choice to write about whatever they want in their ‘My Best Work’ copies. The children can use this copy to write whatever they want with whatever they want and they don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes. The work so far has been incredible and there […]