End of year 4th Class news

The end of the school year is upon us, but in Fourth Class today we looked back at the great last few weeks we have had. In June we had a very special visitor to the classroom who was most impressed by our learning, we also spent a lot of June doing projects, building mini […]

An end to a fantastic year in 3rd Class……

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the boys and girls in 3rd Class for all their hard work, effort, projects throughout the year and for most importantly their sense of fun. We’ve had such an amazing year with a visit from a fireman, Clara,members of Educate Together Head Officce,  and not […]

Infant School Tour

All the infants are really looking forward to their school tour  on Monday 27th June 2011 to Let’s Go camp in Kilcullen.  The plan for the day is as follows:  All children come to school as normal at 8.30am and line up in their usual lines. The bus will be leaving the school at 8.40am […]

Mykidstime Kildare – New local website

A parent at NETNS is involved in this new local website for parents/guardians and sent us on the follwing information to share with the rest of the school community… Looking to find new activities for your kids? Do you know what’s being offered in Kildare? Now you can find it at www.mykidstime.ie Kildare webpage has […]

First Class Projects

Well done to First Class who completed brilliant projects on a country of their choice. Everyone researched their chosen country at home and we learned some fascinating facts about countries all over the world. We got to see some great pictures and souvenirs from holidays . We also saw very neat handwriting. The boys and […]

LOST PROPERTY – Last Chance!!

This is the final opportunity to come and claim any lost property… The PA will be opening up the Halla Glas on Thursday (30th June) morning for Parents/Guardians to come and claim any belongings which may have been “mislaid” during the year. There is a very large number of items which have not been claimed […]

PA Newsletter

Keep your eye out for PA Newsletter which should be winging its way to every family via the school bags next Monday – if you do not receive one, email admin@netns.ie to ensure a copy is sent home to you!

RSE Policy

Please find attached the RSE Policy for NETNS, which is now ratified by the Board of Management of NETNS. RSE Policy for NETNS A paper copy is available for viewing in the office. Thank you to all who contributed to this policy. Kind Regards, Eimear

Fabric and Fibre Designers in Junior Infants

Even though it was a rainy day outside today, the sun was shining on Junior Infants!! Why? Well……..Junior Infants were designing self portraits today in the summer sunshine. They used lots of different materials such as feathers, pom poms, crepe paper, pipe cleaners and sequins. The children really enjoyed this activity and we certainly have […]

Senior Infant Art Exhibition

Senior Infants have a lot of creative art they have made of the year, so we have decided it would be lovely to have an exhibition for our parents. In preparation we have made our own artist portfolios (which we lovingly decorated) and we have selected our favourite pieces of work in our porfolios for […]

Treat for Green Reading group

This week the Green Reading group had a very special treat while visiting Siobhan’s room. Two students from their class, Ryan and Eoghan put on a performance of a story they had read earlier in the week. The story was called ‘The Sweet Smelling Skunk.’ Ryan and Eoghan put on their costumes and set up […]

‘The N.E.T.N.S Times’ newspaper!

A group of children from 4th class are putting together their final drafts for ‘The N.E.T.N.S. Times’. They have been learning about the features of a newspaper. They have answered all the questions that are needed to write a well thought out report including have you included a headline? Who is the report about? What […]

Handwriting 2nd Class

It has been a busy week in 2nd Class and we have been working ever so hard on our handwriting. Last Friday we had a handwriting competition to show how far we had come in improving our handwriting. The results were fantastic and I was very proud of everyones efforts. It was very hard to […]

3rd Class’ first awarded pen licence!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Ella in our class who is the first person to be awarded a pen licence. We have all been working very hard on our handwriting and the presentation of our work. Aoife has been looking at various different types of work, including our Maths copy,projects, workbooks, story writing and even our […]

Congratulations Rowan, Samantha, Muyideen, Tori, Malak and Matthew for racing up the ‘Success Ladder’ in my room. The children shoot up the ladder if they are trying their best and I’m pleased to say that the last few weeks you have all been working really hard and you should be really proud of everything you […]