Flowers growing…

This week some of 2nd class have been planting flowers with me. We’ll be keeping a record of their progress as well as learning how best to care for the flowers. Some very creative writing was taking place with some 4th class pupils. They had to imagine they were having a conversation with an alien. […]

Authors and Illustrators in Senior Infants

What a fantastic time we all had during Book Week. We got extra time to read books, visited the Book Fair and bought some books for home and even wrote some books of our own. Míle buíochas to parents John and Anna who started and finished Book Week for us by reading to our class. We think […]

ICT is one of many free online game websites that are available on the Internet and this website has been used by children in the school. This website primarily contains quite harmless games but we have been informed that there are also a number of games that are totally unsuitable for children. These other games […]

Dress Up Day in Junior Infants

Today Junior Infants dressed up as their favourite characters from their favourite stories. We had a fantastic fun day trying to guess who everybody was!   Check out our pictures! Can you guess who everyone is dressed up as?

Exciting Book Week!

We had a very exciting day where lots of different characters from a variety of books came to visit our class today. There were pirates, wizards, ladybirds, ballerinas and plenty more. 3rd Class, along with 4th Class had the pleasure of an actual author coming to visit us and tell us all about writing. Debbie […]

The Big Giant

Roisin in 3rd Class wrote this amazing story this week. The Big Giant by Roisin Once upon a time there was a big nasty giant and everybody was scared of him. He didnt like children, except one little girl called Timy, Timy was nice to everyone. She was nice and very friendly. She had blue […]

The Snatcher

Jonathan in 3rd class wrote this fantastic story this week. The Snatcher by Jonathan One day in New York there was a person called JT. JT had big blue eyes and he wore a nice leather coat and blue jeans. JT had a pet eagle, the eagles name was Tim. Tim had a white face, […]

Superb Workers in Third Class Maths group

Our third class maths group have been working enthusiastically all week. This week we have finished learning all about time. Mark, Ellie and Gloria really tried so hard both at class work and at quiz time. Well done to all of you!

Book Week Dress-up Day

To mark the end of Book Week we are inviting everyone to dress up as a character from a book this Friday 4th March. It could be anything from Snow White to Denis the Menace from Inky Mouse to Shrek, use your imagination! For some clever dress-up ideas this page has lots of ideas: Looking […]

Permission Slips for trips to The Curragh

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),  As spring has finally sprung, we are very eager to avail of a wonderful natural resource that is right on our doorstep. The Curragh offers many beneficial learning opportunities for all the children and we would like to bring children there on fieldtrips from time to time. We are currently compiling a permission […]