Comic Creation and other things in Seomra Trish

Ciarán from 4th class is almost finish the first in a serious of comic stories. Keep you eye out for the first edition which will be displayed in the corridor next week. Gary’s castle is slowing but surely filling up with all the spellings he has learned so far this year. Loads of children have […]

Realt na Seactaine

Congratulations to all the winners this week. Unfortunately the colour printer was broken but your photo will be displayed in Monday. Comhghairdeas!

Bubble Printing in First Class

Today in First Class we had great fun creating bubble prints. First, we mixed paint and water with washing-up liquid. Then we each got a straw to blow bubbles with. When the bubbles reached the top of the pot we placed a sheet on them;when the bubbles burst they left a cool bubble print. We […]

Inspiration in Senior Infants

In Visual Arts this week we were inspired by the work of artist Paul Klee. We looked at and talked about a few of Paul’s pictures and then we made our own versions of his pictures. We loved the different colours he used and the different shapes he made. We noticed that if you look […]

Fantastic Homework In Junior Infants

It was our first week having homework in Junior Infants. We were so impressed and proud of the children in our classes for trying so hard and doing so well every night with their homework.  All the children were super excited when handing in their completed work every morning! Well done everyone! Keep up the […]

FAI Futsal Tournament

FAI Futsal Tournament On Thursday 27th January 3rd and 4th Class were very lucky to take part in an FAI Futsal competition. Here they played a number of games against schools in the Kildare area. Each person should be very proud of themselves, they were fantastic . They worked really well as a team, cheered […]

5th class news update

  Since the Christmas holidays, in 5th class, we have been doing length, averages, decimals and fractions in maths. We also had loads of fun doing a maths trail recently. Over the last few weeks we have been working hard on cursive handwriting as well. In Irish we have been working with Trish and learning […]


After school basketball lessons will only be for 4th, 5th and 6th classes with a maximum of 24 places. Apologies this wasn’t stated on the application form. The children have all been told this too. If you have already paid for basketball and are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd we will refund you the money. […]

Realt na Seactaine is back!

A big thank you to Ciarán and Lucy from 4th class who got Realt na Seactaine underway again in NETNS this week. The photograph’s of this year’s first ten Irish stars are on display in the reception area of the school. Well done to everybody who won this week. I know the teachers had difficulty […]

RC Update

We extend a warm welcome to Mary Kempton who will be teaching the First Communion class from next Thursday. Mary is the parish co-ordinator with responsibility for faith formation in multi denominational schools. She came in to meet the children yesterday and is really looking forward to helping them prepare for First Communion. We also want […]

Art in 2nd Class

The other day in 2nd class we made some lovely creations using hessain fabric, crepe paper, lollipop sticks and silk. Some people made masks, some made pictures and some made figurines. Much fun was had and there were some lovely pieces created. Below is some of the work in progress as well as some of […]

Senior Infant Data

There is so much information around us everywhere and sometimes you just have to sort it all out. Well that is exactly what we have been doing in Senior Infants for the last two weeks. As part of our Mathematics curriculum we learnt how to sort and organise information and to present it as Carroll […]

Time Travel -Sixth Class

This week in English we have been looking at various types of poetry . We learned some tips to help us with our poetry writing, it helps to; *think deeply about your subject * use your senses *Choose your words carefully * Select rhyming words if you like them *use images and metaphors *Make a picture with […]


Teeth was the topic in our weekly Science lesson; we learned that there are different types of teeth for different tasks, for example molars for chewing and mashing food! We discovered that baby teeth are merely ‘deciduous’ and that they eventually make way for adult teeth. Josh and Patrick explained that Elephants get a new […]

Friends in Junior Infants

We have been having such a fun time on yard since we have come back from our Christmas Holidays. Even though Jack Frost has prevented us from going outside for some of our little breaks this week, we have definitely been enjoying our time outside on big break after all the frost has melted! All […]