Stained glass windows

The next time you pass by NETNS, take a look up at the 3rd class window. We used coloured card and crepe paper to create stained glass-effect art pieces to decorate our windows. We think they look fantastic and we hope you do too!

Third class debate housing issues for members of the Travelling community

Our final debate this week saw us tackling the motion “Members of the Travelling Community should have to live in houses”. This was a heated debate with much discussion and intelligent points made by both teams as well as speakers from the floor. The first team argued that living in houses is cleaner and safer […]

Football is just for boys! – more debates in third class!

Third class held two more debates this week. The motion for the first debate was “Football is just for boys!” The team for the motion pointed out that – the sport was invented by males and for males, – it helps boys to release energy and aggression which girls don’t need to do, – females […]

Equality Week

What a success! NETNS had a superb Equality Week. There was such a buzz around the school all week. Lots of children designed their own poster promoting equality. The posters are now displayed outside the 5th and 6th classrooms, along with projects completed by 5th and 6th class. We held debates and brain-storming sessions and, […]

Programme of events for our Presidential visit

President Mc Aleese will be welcomed at her car by Eimear Carey, Principal of Newbridge Educate Together N.S. and escorted across the yard to the steps of the foyer President Mc Aleese will enter the foyer of the school building where she will meet members of the Student Council Committee, staff, members of the Board […]

Thank You!

We just want to say a big huge Thank You to the parents who came along to help with the class banners last night – what wonderful, creative, artistic, imaginative, talented, humourous parents we have!! Thanks again to all.

PA Meeting Tuesday 27th April @ 8pm – All Welcome!

Parents Association Meeting! Tuesday 27th April at 8pm In the Parents Room. Please Text or email agenda items to 086-1508993 /


A lot of work is going on behind the scenes in preparation for Official Opening Celebration on Thursday May 13th and we are all looking forward to a great day. Can you please RSVP to your invitation by emailing or calling the office at 045 445710 so we can ensure we have enough space […]

Moving house or changing school?

If you are moving house or have moved recently, please ensure that you send your new details to the office. It is essential that all contact details are up to date. If your child is moving to another school please contact us as soon as possible. We currently have waiting lists for a lot of […]

Equality Week

Welcome to Equality Week at NETNS! Every class will be doing Equality projects including debates, charters, dramas and looking at old stories from new perspectives. Plus every child in the school will be coming up with their very own Equality slogan to illustrate and publish. As you know, we will be having a very special […]

Staff Wishlist

Below is a copy of the Staff Wishlist for the school. It consists of items that the school would really like to have an plan to purchase in the near future thanks to the Parent’s Association. If you have any queries on the list please contact the office. Thanks Subject Item Priority Quantity Unit Cost […]

ZOOS SHOULD BE BANNED – 3rd class debate some ethical issues!

3rd class have been busy debating the ethical issues regarding zoos. The motion for debate was “Zoos should be banned”. Caitriona split us into two teams and told us whether we had to argue for the motion or against the motion. It was difficult at first to come up with arguments, especially as we didn’t […]

Our Latest Science Experiment in Fifth

Here in fifth class we have been investigating what foods contain starch. Starch is another word for carbohydrates and is very important in our daily diet. Starch comes from plants and gives us energy when we eat it. To test various foods for starch we used a dropper to drop a little iodine onto the […]

CLASS BANNERS – Helpers needed!!

Many thanks to all the children who have done fantastic pieces to be included on our class banners for our foyer area. We are hoping to start putting the final pieces together on Wednesday night in the Halla Glas – If any parents or guardians are available from 7.30pm for an hour or two to […]

NETNS in Bloom

We would like to brighten up the new building and the grounds with some plants and flowers. If you have any plant pots (filled or otherwise) that you would like to donate to the school please let us know. We are currently organising a “potting and gardening group”, if you are interested in helping out […]